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Hi, Jeff here your Mister Safety Shoes
expert on fit and comfort with a review of Terra's
Murphy work boots. The first thing you notice,
no laces, easy to pull on and pull off. So these are really convenient
for busy workers and they look good enough
to wear off the job site too. The upper is full-grain leather. The Murphy has CSA approved composite
toe and plate protection.

Composite means they're made
without any metals, but they're just as strong as aluminum
or steel toed boots. So you are fully protected. These boots mould to your feet nicely. And the outsole is slip,
heat, and acid resistant. So you get a great grip. A nice addition, Terra's
using a technology called CleanFeet to help fight odours
and keep your feet feeling fresh and your feet will stay cooler and drier
longer with the breathable lining. What you notice as soon as you pull them on is just how comfortable
they feel right away. We have customers
tell us there's no break in, period. You just pull them on and go. So if you work indoors –
at say – a warehouse, these are a really great option.

But because the upper leather is waterproof, these are great
if you work around fluids or outside too. Check them out at a
Mister Safety Shoe store near you or find them at

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