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red wing boots katy tx

Red Wing boots have a reputation for crafting heavy-duty work boots that are reliable, functional and meet the highest industry standards. Today they offer several styles of boots tailored to various workers; both the 10875 Traction Tred 6-inch Moc Toe Wedge Boot and 405 Traction Tread Waterproof 6-inch Moc Toe Boot are great choices for anyone seeking quality, function and comfort in their footwear.

Certified Fit Specialists TM

Red Wing Shoe Company, a leader in manufacturing purpose-built work boots, has long been known for providing the best fitting safety footwear that reduces fatigue and protects feet. Now with their AI-driven Ultimate Fit Experience, Red Wing takes this experience to new heights by integrating cutting-edge foot scanning technology with personal assessment and fitting services across their 500+ retail stores worldwide.

The new in-store fitting service from Red Wing begins with a personal assessment to understand the customer's needs and safety requirements. After taking 16 foot measurements in less than five seconds, data is processed to create a digital 3D model of the customer's feet that accurately predicts an ideal work boot size and any additional support needs. Finally, customers get to sit in our comfortable fit room where they can try on Red Wing work and lifestyle footwear styles for free.

Complimentary Boot Checkups TM

Red Wing offers an expansive selection of boots, from safety toe to waterproofing. It's no wonder they're one of the top shoe brands around!

The company boasts an impressive customer service record, with most shoppers seeming satisfied with their experience. Furthermore, the company offers a great warranty program which covers defects in workmanship and materials for up to 12 months after purchase.

Red Wing boots have a well-deserved reputation, but are not suitable for everyone. Some customers have expressed disappointment with the boot quality while others felt the products were overpriced. To determine if Red Wing boots are right for you, take time to browse their selection and read customer reviews. Ultimately, Red Wing boots make an excellent choice for discerning individuals looking to invest in quality footwear that will last a lifetime.

Cleaning & Conditioning

Red Wing Heritage's premium leathers, triple stitching and welt construction create footwear that is built to last. However, regular wear and the effects of nature can eventually take their toll on even the highest quality boots over time.

Thankfully, there are a few easy steps you can take to protect and care for your boots, helping them look and perform as intended. All it takes is three basic principles: clean – condition – protect!

Begin by brushing away any dirt from the surface of your boots using a horsehair brush. Doing this helps avoid damaging the leather while also taking away salt lines that may appear during winter.

Next, apply a generous amount of leather cleaner to the surface of your boots. After finishing with this step, be sure to thoroughly rinse them.

Once your Red Wing boots have been cleaned and condition, use Leather Protector to create an invisible barrier between them and dirt and water, keeping them looking as new.

Replacement Laces

Red wing boots katy tx is your one-stop destination for premium footwear and accessories. Whether you need new kicks or need gauntlets, our staff will make sure that you feel like a rockstar when you leave our showroom. In addition to an extensive shoe selection, we also have certified fit specialists on hand who guarantee your feet stay in perfect condition. At our store, we take pride in offering only top quality boots to fit every foot perfectly.

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