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these are the Redback boots they were a
super requested boot after doing the blundstone boots because a lot of people
consider them to be more comfortable longer-lasting and a true Australian
boot because they're made in Australia unlike the blundstones let's cut some in
half and see if there's any truth behind that I bought the pair to cut in half
and I'm wore them around for a couple days and they were so freakin comfy I bought
a pair for me to wear personally so spoiler alert they are way comfy and I
like them a lot and we're also closing in on 100,000 subscribers we'll probably
be there maybe by the end of March I've been wanting to do something for 100,000
subscribers I've been asking what you guys want to do and I've been going
through the comments sections and the most requested and probably the most
ridiculous thing that's been requested is the shattered backboard Jordans so
we're gonna cut a pair of those in half those babies are like a thousand dollars
so it's fitting for a hundred thousand subscribers and we're gonna start the
Redwing Series so all of you guys that have been hounding me about the Red
Wings we're finally getting to them they're just pricey and I've been
putting it off so we'll finally start that and I also want to do a toasty gang
shirt so if you're an artist and you have a cool style hit me up on
instagram @rose_anvil from your artist page so I kind of check
out your style and I'll choose a few artists and maybe have them do a mock-up
and at that hundred thousand subscriber mark video with the shattered backboards
I'll put them up on the screen and have everyone vote and we'll choose one and
make some shirts yeah look forward to that and if you haven't subscribed
consider subscribing because I really need your support on these because these
boots are super pricey and it's hard to make money on YouTube contrary to
popular belief so let's get to the Redbacks we're going to talk about four main
things with these boots we're going to just go over the boot information we're going
to go over the fit and the leather and then the soles and then we'll come in half so
these are the great barrier boots in the what is it Puma Brown I
say Dookie Brown but Puma Brown Puma brown leather they range anywhere from
at $145 to $175 depending on which leather and which style you get they've got a
couple different styles the ones we're cutting in 1/2 are similar to the blundstones where it's a big wrapped around piece of leather they've also got styles
like the pair of boots that I bought that have a just a slightly different leather
style and they're made in Australia that's one of the biggest complaints I
hear about the blundstones is they used to be made in Australia they're not
anymore well redbacks are a huge favorite in Australia according to my
comment sections because they're still made in Australia now let's talk about
the fit and my initial impression of these boots so I wore these for a few
days and I really liked them so I ordered my own pair I've worn these for
about two weeks and these babies are so comfy the only thing that wasn't
initially comfortable right off the bat was the arch these have a high arch and
it's something that redback talks about in their marketing is a lot of
arch support it made my arch a little bit sore the first couple days but nothing
too bad so if you got flat feet these will probably make your foot a little
sore until they're fully broken in the leather was really soft it really wasn't
too hard to break in the toe box is a pretty wide toe box especially compared
to the blundstones the blundstones squish my feet just a little bit not
really too bad but these are a little bit wider and the toe box is a little
bit taller and as for the styling between the two the blundstones are a
little bit more subtle style the lugs aren't the lugs on the soles aren't
as defined versus the red backs have a lot more of a heavy lug and they're
they're a little bit wider and a little bit taller in the toe box so they don't
look as slim and sleek where I work so much I don't mind a workish looking boot
but some people might be turned off by how heavy the lugs of these soles are so
I guess we'll kind of see in the long run how comfortable these are like a
year from now but initial impression these are the most comfortable boots
I've worn so far so shout out to read back for making super comfy boots
now let's talk about the leather so the first thing I noticed right off the bat
when I got these boots was how thick the leather is it's the thickest leather on
any of the boots that we reviewed so far it's right around three millimeters
compared to the blundstones were right around two millimeters little under two
millimeters so it's literally 50% thicker leather than the blundstones
and you wouldn't know it wearing them like they it's a pretty soft and supple
leather so there really isn't a whole lot of break-in period with this leather
all the leathers that redback offers are full grain leather and these ones on
the great barriers it's an oil tanned leather which is really just a chrome
tan leather that's been retanned with a lot of oils to make it really soft and
supple and it kind of has a oily ish feel to it and it's just a better leather
all-around than the blundstones the blundstones
is a really dry and kind of foamy leather and you know the 500's have
bluing on the inside versus these you know it's gonna last a long time it's a
really thick leather it's a durable leather and it's a pretty decent quality
leather you can see the grain on the top layer of the leather so not the best
leather in the world but it's a pretty decent leather for the price now to the
soles of these boots so obviously these are a cemented sole so they're not going
to be as easy to resole I sometimes I say that can't be resoled and everyone's like actually they can be resoled so technically they can be resoled but they're
not they're not as easy as a Goodyear welted boot and they're very similar
construction and materials as the blundstones because they've got a
polyurethane midsole and a TPU thermal polyurethane outsole so I'm curious if
these have the same problem as the blundstones where if you let them sit for too
long in your closet they started to crumble so if you own a pair of these have you
ever had an issue with that where you let them sit too long and hydrolysis
happens and they start to crumble let me know these are a little bit more of an
aggressive sole pattern than the blundstones so they're gonna grip a little bit
better in dirt they have a clear TPU on the bottom which I think I'd rather have
a solid color but this it's not too bad and then the feel of the midsole is it's
a really squishy foam to the Blundstones so I'm wondering if
that is why they're more comfortable I guess we'll see when we cut them in half
if it's more squishy all the way through or if it's just like a layer on the
outside so speaking of cutting them in half let's cut
them in half okay we got cut in half let's see what's
inside holy cow there's a lot of foam let's see how much foam there is in
the heel because that is substantial no wonder they're so freakin' comfy so an
inch and a quarter of just straight PU foam when I was cutting through I didn't
feel a shank in there so that's kind of surprising you'd think for a work boot
there would be a shank in it these aren't the steel toed version so maybe
the steel toe boots have a shank maybe these don't need a shank as much
because there's really not much of a heel it's probably only a quarter of an
inch worth of the heel on there so you might not need that extra support of the
shank if there's no heel for that gap to drop to the ground kind of like we
talked about in the shank video and it's got a really high arch so maybe that's
part of why I don't know what do you guys think let me know what if you think
this needs a shank you can definitely see there's a little bump where the
extra arch support is so I'm going to reach I'll reach out to Redback and kind
of get their opinion on this if there was a bigger gap right here between the heel
and the pad of the foot I would say that it needs a shank but there's still like
an inch of foam in that gap area compared to the blundstones where it
has a shank it's only got 3/8 inch of foam the pad of the foot has similar
thickness of foam compared to the blundstones but the heel and the arch area
has way more foam on these and that's why these babies are so comfy is because
you're basically walking on almost two inches of foam with the
insert in there also this foam feels a lot softer so I went and grabbed my durometer
tester to see what the difference between the two are or is Redback
registers at about two blundstone is about four so that's why that's another reason why these are so freakin comfy I can't imagine there being a more
comfortable pair of boots this is crazy that's so much foam and it's so soft it
makes me wonder how long they last and then the TPU outsole so I thought this
was gonna be a little bit thicker so it's only about four millimeters thick
sorry I switched between standard and metric so about the same thickness as
the blundstones I wonder if this wears out faster
because it feels like it's a softer TPU compared to the blundstones there's a
different material underneath of this that we're going to have to look at once we get this
insole torn apart because it's not just a solid layer of like a fiber board like
the blundstones let's get the rest of it torn apart and see what else is
inside and maybe see what this extra layer is and go from there got the rest of it torn apart really no
surprises on the inside I thought there might have been a different layer
underneath the insole but it was just the glue so fiberboard insole really nothing
else to it one thing I did like is the counter is a similar like fiber board
it's got a little bit more flex in it compared to the blundstones but what I
really liked more about the redbacks compared to blundstones is that the
counter sits behind the main layer of leather and then the leather on the
outside is what encapsulates the counter versus the blundstones the counter is
just sewn in to the inside of the boot and that's sewn to the main layer of
leather on the outside so I like this a little bit more because you've got that
flesh side of the leather that's gonna help prevent he'll slip kind of a minor
thing but still worth mentioning yeah pretty pretty basic when it comes down
to it is it a better boot than blundstone I would say it's a significantly better
boot than blundstone much better leather way more PU in midsole so it's going to
be significantly more comfortable you've got an inch and a half of foam in there
and more importantly they're cheaper than Blundstones you know you're saving
potentially $50 if you buy one of the cheaper versions of these boots I like
these a lot I'm a big fan these might be the most
comfortable boots in the world is there a more comfortable boot name a more
comfortable boot and I'll cut it in half because I can't imagine it getting more
comfortable than this let me know what your experiences are with the redback
and blundstone if you've worn both of them if you've worn one you know what do
you think about them because the best thing about these videos is my comment
sections are so kind and like informative there are so many comment
sections out there just like vile and toxic and everyone's so rude to each
other but in my comment section everyone's so nice and there's a lot of
information to be gleaned from the comment section so thanks for all that
and that pretty much wraps it up we're on our way to 100,000 shattered backboards
and Red Wings and toasty gang shirts on the way consider liking and
subscribing and commenting so we can get to that hundred thousand and thanks for
all your support see ya

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