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red wing boots quesnel

Red Wing boots are a go-to choice for men seeking an everyday work boot with classic leather details. Not only that, but they make great casual wear too if crafted with classic materials.

Leather boots, like all boots, can get dirty, scuffed and dry over time. Therefore, proper care and maintenance of your Red Wings is essential to keep them looking their best! Here's how:

Rough & Tough

Red Wing's Rough & Tough collection is one of their most beloved collections, and for good reason. Crafted with top-quality leather and triple stitching, these boots are built to last.

These boots are the ideal choice for any job, whether you're working in the yard or hitting the pavement. Plus, they provide great style as you stand out from everyone else.

Red Wing boots feature the patented Goodyear welt, making them weather resistant and convenient to resol. However, since these boots can get wet, proper care and maintenance are essential.


Oil-tanned leather is an enduring and versatile material that will withstand everyday wear. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and flexible.

The tanning process uses tree oils, tanning agents and dyes to turn hides into leather. Additionally, it preserves leather by preventing it from deteriorating over time.

There is a wide selection of textures, such as smooth, grainy and nubuck. Some leathers even feature rustic hides with visible flaws like bug bites or scars.

Red Wing's Oil-Tanned Leather is one of the company's most beloved materials, so it's essential to maintain them with appropriate care products. Walter's offers an assortment of oils, creams and conditioners specifically tailored for different types of leather.

Briar Oil Slick

The Red Wing 8138 is a timeless work boot classic. Featuring dark brown briar oil slick leather, white Taction Tred outsole, and goodyear welt construction, it's one of the most functional yet fashionable work boots available today.

The 8138 is an outstanding work boot and an unbeatable deal at its current retail price. Crafted with quality materials, these shoes will last a lifetime and look better with age. Plus, it boasts some impressive details like the most durable oxford toe on the market and top-notch leather construction. It's no wonder why this model has become such a favorite among Red Wing work wearers!

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners help to replenish the natural moisture content of leather, making it supple and water-resistant. Furthermore, they protect leather from stains and keep it looking its best.

Leather conditioner can be applied to a range of different items, such as jackets, shoes, purses and bags; furniture and upholstery; car interiors; motorcycle seats; saddles; and tack. Some formulations work better on suede or nubuck while others provide better hydration for finer-grain leather pieces.

Some leather conditioners contain petroleum or chemical-based ingredients that may offer temporary advantages, but can ultimately weaken leather fibers over time. Therefore, it is essential to use a leather conditioner with natural, non-toxic components.

Leather Cream

When leather requires extra care, using a product designed specifically for treating and waxing it is the best solution. This will give the leather an intensely glossy finish while shielding it from water damage, dirt accumulation and stains.

Creams typically consist of three main components; pigment, oil and wax. Pigment adds color to a product while oil and wax provide necessary hydration to prevent leather from drying out or cracking.

Although there isn't a universally acclaimed “best” cream, the quality of any product depends on which natural ingredients the company uses to craft it. Popular choices include neatsfoot oil, seed oil and beeswax.

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