REVEALED: Why Women OBSESS Over Men’s Shoes

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well if you [Applause] so a few months back i'm in austin texas with my son going to a formula one race pretty exciting we've never been something like this and as we go up there woman takes our tickets looks down and says i love your gucci loafers notice that she didn't just know the style of the shoe but also the brand which leads us to the question why are women so obsessed with men's shoes [Music] seriously if you watch any video read any article about things a woman first notices on a man shoes are gonna be at the top of the list so the question is why [Music] well if you believe cosmopolitan or some of these other women's periodicals apparently you can tell a lot from a man's shoes women can tell hey about his personality what profession what he does for a living you can even tell how he's gonna be in bed all right so i'll admit i made up that last one and i do see if you've got a profession where you need to be able to protect your feet you need a good grip where the shoes you wear will talk about the work that you do but in general i don't think shoes say a whole lot about a man's personality yeah you know you may wear a pair of shoes like this and it shows that you're stylish but i think guys are a lot more than this and i don't think it's the main reason that women pay attention to footwear now what about money what about wealth what about status this is oftentimes linked to footwear and historically this is accurate you go back a few hundred years shoes incredibly expensive the only people that could afford shoes especially shoes with a heel meant that you were riding a horse it meant that you had means that you had the ability to be able to have something handcrafted for you because all shoes were handmade one at a time and even today you could argue that yeah if a guy's wearing dress shoes this indicates that he has a white collar job but anyone that works in the trades can tell you that's not a real indicator of wealth in fact there are tons of guys out there that own plumbing companies electrical companies that do welding work and make a lot more than a guy working in an office so yes there are some women out there that will look at a man's shoes and say you know what this is an indicator that he has wealth that he has status but i don't think it's as big of a deal as it used to be because tons of guys out there can get great looking shoes at 99 bucks women know this and it's just not the wealth indicator it used to be so what about style is it something when a woman looks at a man's shoes she can make an indication that you know what this guy gets it he's got style this guy cares about aesthetics i think to a level she can make that decision but is that important to her some women it's going to be more important than not but to me it isn't the main reason why women pay attention to footwear so what about attention to detail what about cleanliness i've talked about it many times how women want a clean guy seriously when it comes to your old hygiene when it comes to your skin when it comes to your nails the ladies pay attention to this i mean it's obvious but shower every single day seriously guys women care about this they got entire form dedicated to why this guy was perfect except for the fact that he smelled he didn't take care of his yeah guys what's up with that but is that the main reason they pay attention to our shoes the answer is no now gents today's video is brought to you by vitaman in case you haven't heard of them they're making the best damn grooming products on the planet and as an owner i'm not biased at all seriously though gents go over to our website and look at what goes into these products everything is made in australia following really strict procedures and guidelines coming out of the eu we use natural and organic ingredients to make amazing grooming products that you can see the difference our deodorant keeps you smelling great all day and doesn't use any aluminum look at your 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called the frequency illusion the frequency illusion works in that whenever we become aware of something we spend money on it we actually purchase let's say a nice pair of shoes we start to notice everyone else that has a nice pair of shoes so my family recently purchased a subaru outback great vehicle love it but what i noticed is that everybody in wisconsin and minnesota and the midwest it seems has a subaru outback i really didn't realize that subarus were everywhere anyone that rides a motorcycle harley davidson you notice all types of bikes but you particularly notice harley davidson's jeep writers everyone regularly got the jeep wave point being is this frequency phenomenon this frequency illusion is why in these women that pay attention to men's shoes guess what they're also paying attention to women's issues anyone that spends good money on footwear gets into boots gets into any particular style item even if it's watches they start to pay attention to other people that wear watches that spend good money on quality footwear now gents if you enjoyed today's video do me a favor and smash that like button seriously by engaging with that like button you are helping men find these videos and stopping men from wearing square toad shoes i have no idea why any man would ever want to wear yes a shoe like this i keep this for instructional purposes believe me it really just it it pains me to even hold this thing and if you're curious to find out why square toed shoes are the work of the devil guys i've got you covered in this video right here seriously i have a lot of fun in this video i'm talking about some other things that you should avoid but yeah click it right here and learn yeah why you do not want to wear these

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