Wear Boots With Jeans & Look Amazing (5 Rules You MUST Follow)

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maybe he's struck by lightning wearing that combination yeah come on stop doing it pop quiz gents when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans for your boots what do you think the most important measurement is waste inseam nope keep guessing maybe the rise or maybe the out seam length nope the answer gents is the ankle width now with most monitored denim we're going to see on average a 14 inch ankle diameter although for some skinny and extreme tapers we're going to see under 12 inches and for some wide cuts out there over 16 inches is going to become now the million dollar question is what's the perfect width for you well the answer to this question is actually pretty simple take a pair of jeans that you already love a pair of jeans that already work with the boots in your wardrobe lay it out flat and then measure the ankle width as you can see here i've got a wide variety of options in my wardrobe ranging from just over six inches to just over eight inches when it comes to my personal taste i like just over seven inches in the ankle width so a total of just under 15 inches you see how i got that you just take that flat measurement and multiply it times two genes i can't stress this enough knowing this one measurement is going to make it so much easier to find the perfect pair of jeans to work with your boots now unfortunately not every manufacturer lists on their website but many do and if you're going in your shopping in person what you can quickly do is take a measurement tape with you or ask for one there at the store and measure that ankle opening before you even try the trousers on in today's video gents we're talking about how to make your boot and jean combination look amazing you ready to look good let's do this [Music] now jets all the boots you're going to see in today's video brought to you by today's sponsor thursday boots and gents i've been working with thursdays for years because i love what these guys are about getting you high quality boots at an affordable price and gents i wear the heck out of their boots i'm a little bit embarrassed to even show you this but for years these things have held up and that's what i love about thursday boots these are boots that you can use and they're just going to stand up to all the wear and tear you can throw at them and jen's i don't just say that i mean i took one of their pairs and i cut them in half this was a pair i had for three years because i wanted to show you guys the breakout the inside of the boots and how they pay attention to the quality build so thursday uses a goodyear welt if you're not familiar with that understand that that's one of the best forms of shoe construction one of the most durable water resistant and it takes a lot of money and a lot of time to go in and build this most shoes are using glues and they will fall apart very quickly they cannot be resold these can actually be rebuilt and i love the fact that they paid attention to all the construction even the stacking of leathers when it comes in the heel a lot of companies go with a hollow heel these guys have a solid heel they even put tacks in there to make sure that everything stays together now the leather that thursday uses for all of its uppers you're going to find very high quality durable this is going to be stuff that can take a beating but i also love on the inside how they're using a leather liner a lot of companies skip this this is really important because when you wear boots all day like 16 hours in these boots they're still going to be comfortable because they absorb sweat and then when you take it off they're going to release that but it's not going to go all the way through the shoe which over time would damage it and cause it to crack that means that these are going to last longer and they're just going to be shoes that if you take care of these could last you a lifetime now boots that last a lifetime that's cool and all but you want them to look good right you want to get compliments this pair right here just it's understated it's elegant it's classy this is up here you can dress up you could even dress these down but i like this because i could wear this with a sports jacket jeans and i'm going to look good at the same time it's not going to be overbearing and it's just yeah those wing tips right there absolutely beautiful or maybe you want the style to set you apart you want something with a little bit of flash or you want to go with a material such as suede just really set you apart from the crown what i love about their suede is all their suede is water resistant suede this is stuff you can wear you don't have to worry about it getting wet about it getting dirty this is something you can easily brush and keep clean very durable very functional and speaking of functionality they've got you covered there too if you want a booth you can move in one that you're going to be jumping out of an airplane and being able to support your ankles that's actually the design of the original paratrooper boot point b is they pay attention to the function these are boots that you can use and also look good in and get compliments and if you haven't heard thursday boots is a lot more than just boots they've got tons of other shoe options so if you're looking for casual sneakers that actually look good it can be worn with jeans if you're looking for dress shoes that look great can be worn with jeans all the thursday boots i have and i've got like over 20 pairs what i love about these is every time you put them on they feel great incredibly comfortable a lot more comfortable than that some of the cheap glue chews you're going to see out there gents i'm linking the thursday boots down in the description of today's video with the best deal on the web use it go over and check them out awesome company and again i've been to new york city i've met the founders i love what these guys are doing quality boots at an honest price gents what more can you ask for go check out thursday boots again use that link in the description to go over there and look at all their offerings awesome company next detail to pay attention to when you're matching your boots with your jeans and you want to look good the formality of the boots and the formality of the jeans now some of you guys may be saying come on antonio what are you talking about by definition all jeans are casual and all boots are casual true but not always so what i mean here is yes all jeans are casual all boots are casual but there are different levels there are ultra casual jeans there are business casual boots and you don't want to mix those two because the combination is just gonna look off seriously these boots right here are more of the business casual type and they would work great with dark colored denim but they're not going to look great with lighter colored denim that has rips and tears in it or let's take this casual boot right here this is going to be something that's very difficult to dress up why because of the overall style the history this is more of an alpine hiking type of boot design and therefore isn't going to be something you could actually wear with a sports jacket now this jotapur style is actually incredibly versatile and the big thing here is being able to pull this off with confidence can you dress this up with a sports jacket yes can you dress this down with distressed denim yes it's all about the wear and knowing that this is about yeah if you're wearing this you feel and possibly look like a rock star the point if you're just getting started if you're a style beginner try to keep formalities with the same level of formalities if you're a style expert if you've got the confidence understand you can actually break that rule and bend it to serve you the next rule to looking great with jeans and boots pay attention to proportion now the idea of proportion was identified by artists thousands of years ago and it's something as human beings we naturally use to be able to see if something just looks off and gents i'm here to tell you violating this rule can have disastrous consequences when it comes to your look seriously in cartoons drawings have you ever wondered what makes a character look powerful versus making a character look cute cute characters for the most part have overly sized overly proportioned eyes heads and other parts of the body so how does this play into matching your boots with your jeans and making sure you've got a great look you want to make sure that your boots or your jeans are not oversized or undersized with the jeans or the boots you're trying to match them with and let's take these boots right here powerful strong from the sole to the upper the leather these are made from a very stiff heavy leather these need to go with a pair of jeans that have just a bit of give a little bit of extra material you don't want to wear these with skinny jeans it's just going to look disproportional now what pair with better suit slim jeans right here we've got a very sleek design we don't have as much as large of a sole we've got an upper that just is cleaner and overall isn't as bulky this is going to work better with a tapered jean design next key to making sure your boots look great with your jeans pay attention to the length of your denim i'm talking about hemming your jeans now the general rule here is any denim that you wear with boots can on average be about an inch longer than if you're going to wear that same denim with sneakers or you know god forbid running shoes but seriously gents don't be wearing your running shoes with jeans these are meant to be worn when you run makes sense right now gents if you're enjoying today's video and you think that anyone caught wearing runny shoes and jeans should be flogged with a wet noodle do me a favor and smash that like button and just kidding gents i'm not advocating anyone get flogged but maybe struck by lightning wearing that combination yeah come on stop doing it now with boots usually the longer hem is okay because we've got a larger proportioned shoe so if you've got a bit of rise a little bit of bunching at the bottom that's not always a bad thing you will find different types of boots though are suited to a cleaner tighter shorter hem and it's oftentimes going to be ankle boots lower boots similar to any type of sneaker because they're lower they're not is going to be large proportion it just looks better if you've got the trousers cut raised up just a bit and again this is something you can do yourself or you can take it to a seamstress or tailor to make sure you get the right length now gents quick question for you what do you think is the perfect style of boot to wear with denim we've got our own thoughts here at real men real style but i would love to hear from you down in the comments do you think it's chelsea's do you think it's dress boots what style in particular do you think is best with denim i'd love to hear from you down below and of course let's not forget color when it comes to matching boots with jeans now me personally i love the brown blue combination incredibly easy to match it looks good in a variety of situations and when it comes to denim comes in a wide variety of blues from true blues to indigo when it comes to boots a wide variety of browns light brown dark brown variations in between that use a little bit of each this right here just makes it so simple i know in my wardrobe to be able to pair the combination black on the other hand does work with blue denim it's going to be a more formal a darker color that being said mixed with a boot design this does make it a bit more casual i do think it's a little bit harsher of a contrast so harder to pull off but if you've got gray jeans if you've got let's say a maroon jean if you've got a light colored gene you want a high contrast black may be what you're looking for that being said don't shy away from unique colors or materials you can go with a blue suede like elvis did maybe you want to go with something that is a gray a silver that is just going to stand apart but the design is timeless and simple now at this point you may be wondering what are my thoughts on cuffing your jeans with boots well guys find out in this video right here where i dedicate an entire video to show you how to do it and in which situations you want to cuff your jeans if you're going to wear them with boots yes good video right here and you don't have to do this but i do think it's a good option especially if you don't want to get your jeans hemmed and you want it to look good so check it out guys right here

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