What Are Red Wing Boots Made Of?

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what are red wing boots made of

Red Wing boots are meticulously crafted, from the leather to their soles. When properly taken care of and maintained, these boots can last a lifetime.

Established in 1905, this company puts quality and craftsmanship above all else. Utilizing century-old Puritan sewing machines, each pair of boots is skillfully and precisely handmade by people who understand the value of quality over quantity.


Red Wing boots are made with only the highest-quality leathers, featuring Triple Stitching and Premium components to guarantee they last a lifetime. Therefore, it's essential to properly care for them if you want them looking and performing at their peak performance.

Red Wing's classic styles are often constructed from oil tanned leather, which is both highly durable and water resistant. Furthermore, this type of leather tends to darken less with repeated use, keeping them looking their best.

Red Wing's smooth-finished leather offers a sophisticated and classy aesthetic for their more luxurious Heritage boots. Crafted with only the best hides, these leathers provide a polished finish to enhance each pair's quality.

To clean your boots, it is recommended to use a suede brush and some mild soap and water to lift away dirt from the surface. After that, apply conditioner as desired and allow your boots to air-dry.


Sole: A boot sole is the part of a shoe made up of thick, rubbery material. This sole typically extends from the heel to the toe and attaches to the shoe upper via an area called the welt, or outer edge, made out of leather.

The welt is one of the keys to durable boots. It secures the shoe upper to its sole and provides weather resistance.

Another advantage of traditional welt construction is that it can be resoled multiple times, meaning even after decades of wear, your Red Wings will remain in excellent condition with regular resoles.

Red Wing shoes offer a selection of bottoming methods in addition to traditional welt construction, such as Goodyear-welt and direct attach.


Red Wing boots are handmade in their Minnesota factory with the goal of providing durable workwear for construction workers and outdoor adventurers. Their distinctive features include triple-stitched seams, strong welt construction and premium leathers.

They're known for developing an attractive patina over time, giving off a stunning aged appearance that some wearers enjoy. However, regular care and maintenance is necessary to keep them looking fantastic.

The initial step in breaking in new shoes is to wear them for short periods of time until they become comfortable enough for all-day wear. Eventually, your new pair of shoes will feel just like an extension of yourself and will feel just right for every occasion.

After that, you can treat them with a shoe care product to keep them healthy and in great condition for years to come. There are various options available such as leather conditioner or mink oil; both of which are water-resistant and protect the leather from elements.


Red Wing work boots are made of premium leather and come with various soles. Some feature urethane soles to withstand a range of chemicals and gas, while others feature full-grain leather with an aggressive lug sole for improved traction.

Boots also feature detachable footbeds for added cushioning and comfort. Some even boast a cork midsole for additional support and an ideal fit.

Red Wing boots are custom-built around a mold that replicates the shape of an average foot, known as a “last.” This allows them to produce hundreds of sizes with confidence without worrying about shifting lasts.

Red Wing's leather boots are meticulously cut by a team of expert cutters and then sewn together by experienced sewing machine operators. Triple-stitched seams are done using Puritan sewing machines that were patented in the 1860s and still operate today.

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