What is in Red Wing Boot Oil?

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Red Wing boots are built to last, featuring premium leathers and triple stitching for strength and longevity. However, even with proper care regular use can take its toll on even the highest quality footwear, so it is important to maintain them regularly.

Red Wing boots feature oil tanned leather that's highly water and stain resistant, making them easy to keep looking tidy and dry.

Pine pitch

Red Wing's all-natural blend of pine pitch and mink oil is the best available. While it may not be the cheapest option, it has a long shelf life so that it won't get wasted before you have time to use it up. It also features a sleek applicator that doesn't look like baby's bottom. However, be warned – its only drawback is it will bleed when applied to your boot. Unfortunately, this is the best way to preserve the quality of your favorite pair of boots. Regular use will keep your shoes in top condition for years to come. So the next time you're looking for ways to improve your footwear at a fraction of the price point, take note of its ingredients list and ask your doctor about its safety before trying it on.

Mink oil

Mink oil is a thick and heavy waxy substance that quickly seeps into leather pores, moisturizing the fibers. Not only does it soften and darken leather boots, but it also increases the lifespan of shoes and jackets.

It is a popular conditioner due to its effectiveness and lack of rancidity. Unfortunately, it tends to darken leather by several shades, so you should only use this product on darker-colored boots.

Red Wing's Mink Oil is a natural product made with mink fat, lanolin and silicone that has been used for decades around the world as a leather conditioner.

Mink oil is often combined with pine pitch, which comes from the sticky sap of pine trees. This combination makes it a great option for people who want their boots to be more resistant against extreme temperature changes and elements.


One thing that sets Red Wing's “boot oil” apart from others is its lack of silicone. Silicone isn't a naturally occurring substance and can actually have detrimental effects on your boots' longevity.

An intriguing feature of the product is that it's intended to condition and improve water resistance on certain types of leather. This is especially beneficial for their higher-end Heritage boots, which utilize oil tanned leather which may crack or peel after prolonged exposure to water.

As a general guideline, use a product specifically tailored for the type of leather in your boots. To do this, first clean them and then condition them with appropriate boot cream. Doing this will make maintaining the quality of your footwear much simpler, saving you both time and effort in the future!

Other ingredients

Red wing boot oil contains pine pitch, which is made from the sticky sap found in pine trees. For years it's been used as a wood preservative and it can now be found in various products like shoe care items as well.

Mink oil, on the other hand, is produced by rendering fat that has been removed from pelts intended for fur production. Unlike other animal fats, it contains more unsaturated fatty acids which make it less likely to go rancid quickly.

Red wing boot oil is formulated with pine pitch and mink oil, providing protection for leather while keeping it soft and supple. Plus, it contains other beneficial elements like lanolin and silicone for extra moisture.

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