Where Red Wing Shoes Are Made

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where red wing shoes made

Established in 1905, Red Wing Shoes is one of the last shoe companies still producing its boots and shoes domestically. Its roots can be traced back to Red Wing, Minnesota – home to Red Wing Shoes – on the Mississippi River.

With customer expectations and needs evolving over the years, the company has striven to meet them by altering its own production methods.


Red wing shoes are manufactured around the world, though most of them are produced in America. To discover where your work boots are made, visit their product page, click ‘Materials Used' and scroll down the list of countries of origin.

Boots are crafted with a variety of materials, but the main ones being thick, full-grain leather and water-resistant finishes. Furthermore, they use triple stitched seams created with Puritan sewing machines – a patented process which melts latex into the thread for increased water resistance.

The company's signature model is the 6″ Moc Toe, a hardwearing waterproof design featuring classic moccasin styling with distinctive stitching. It was one of the most popular hard-wearing shoes during its time. In 1930s, Red Wing introduced an oil-resistant shoe for workers in oil fields which quickly gained traction – leading to other hardworking footwear options for heavy industry workers.


Red Wing Shoes manufactures rugged work and outdoor footwear that can withstand the most rugged conditions. When they implemented Logility, it reduced inventory across their network, increased fill rates, shortened lead times, improved Sales Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP) process accuracy, as well as collaboration with suppliers.

Established in 1905, Red Wing Shoes is a Minnesota-based footwear company whose products have become iconic around the globe. They offer boots and shoes for both men and women that are built to last.

The company's heritage is evident in their product designs. Their Heritage line reproduces iconic models from their back catalogue while offering new styles inspired by classic inspirations.

They offer a Handsewn collection that is entirely handcrafted in their Maine factory using the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as their mainline items.

They've even released a new style of boot that offers their classic durability with more formal flair. The 9435 Williston 6-inch boot is ideal for more dressy occasions while still providing the comfort and toughness that has made them so popular among hardworking professionals.


Red wing shoes is a well-known footwear manufacturer, producing top-quality work boots and casual shoes for men and women alike.

For decades, this company has been providing reliable footwear to hardworking Americans. Its manufacturing roots can be traced back to a family-owned business that began producing 110 pairs of shoes daily back in 1960.

Red Wing's marketing strategies had to adapt as the shoe industry changed and new customers emerged. Instead of focusing on mass-marketing tactics, they developed tailored approaches for specific customer groups.

To honor their hard-working Americans, Red Wing launched a campaign that celebrates their unwavering work ethic. This effort includes an interactive Wall of Honor where customers can share their impressive boot stories that will eventually be memorialized at Red Wing's headquarters. By using user-generated content in this innovative way, the brand was able to engage with its audience and foster relationships with its core consumers.

Customer Service

Red Wing shoes is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality, long lasting boots and casual footwear for both men and women. With an established history and great reputation within the industry, Red Wing Shoes continues to set itself apart.

The shoe company is utilizing Semarchy's unified data platform to enhance customer service and provide a more comprehensive view of customers across all channels. To manage the growing volume of data generated by substantial growth in its e-commerce sales, as well as create a 360-degree view of customer information across all channels and divisions, Semarchy is implementing a central data hub.

Red Wing Shoes was searching for the ideal tool to enhance its customer service capabilities in today's data-driven retail landscape. Their unified data platform provided them with the foundation for new marketing projects and enabled them to establish a clean POS and e-commerce system with clean data.

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