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ariat work boots waterproof

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Ariat is an American footwear brand that has been around since 1993. Their range of work boots is highly popular among workers in various industries. Ariat work boots boast of durability, comfort, and protection from the elements. However, many workers are concerned about whether these boots are waterproof. In this blog post, we will learn about how to make Ariat work boots waterproof and explore the methods for doing it.

How to make Ariat work boots waterproof?

Method 1: Use a Waterproofing Spray

Using a waterproofing spray is one of the easiest and most affordable methods to make Ariat work boots waterproof. All you need is a can of waterproofing spray and a cloth. Here's how to do it:

1. Clean your Ariat work boots properly. Remove any dirt and dust from the surface using a damp cloth.

2. Shake the can of waterproofing spray well and spray it evenly on your boots. Hold the can about 6-8 inches away from your boots.

3. Make sure you cover the entire surface with the spray. Pay special attention to the seams and stitching. They are the most vulnerable to leakage.

4. Wait for at least 24 hours before wearing your boots. This will give enough time for the spray to dry and seal the pores of the leather.

Method 2: Wax Your Boots

Waxing your Ariat work boots is an excellent way to make them waterproof. Not only does it prevent water from seeping inside your boots, but it also conditions the leather and enhances its life. Here's how you can do it:

1. Clean your boots using a damp cloth, as mentioned in Method 1.

2. Take a soft cloth and apply a thin layer of wax all over your boots. You can use any beeswax or shoe wax that's available to you. Make sure to apply the wax evenly and in a circular motion.

3. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to melt the wax on your boots. Hold it about 6 inches away from your boots and move it around in a circular motion. This will help the wax penetrate deeper into the leather.

4. Once the wax is melted, use a soft-bristled brush to spread it evenly on your boots. Brush in the direction of the leather grain to prevent any damage.

Method 3: Use a Waterproof Membrane

Ariat work boots are designed with advanced technologies such as the Waterproof Pro technology. The waterproof membrane used in these boots keeps your feet dry and comfortable even in the wettest of conditions.

However, if your boots do not have a waterproof membrane, you can purchase one separately and install them in your boots.

1. Choose a suitable waterproof membrane that fits your boots. Some of the popular options include Gore-Tex and Thinsulate.

2. Remove the insole of your Ariat work boots and place the waterproof membrane on top of it.

3. Cut the membrane to fit the shape of your boots. Make sure to leave some extra room for the sides.

4. Place the membrane inside the boots and push it down to ensure it stays in place.


Waterproofing your Ariat work boots is essential if you want to keep your feet dry and comfortable while working. You can use any of the three methods mentioned above to make your boots waterproof. Using waterproofing sprays and waxing your boots are easy and cost-effective methods that can be done at home. Installing a waterproof membrane may require some expertise, but it is worth it in the long run. With waterproof Ariat work boots, you can focus on doing your job instead of worrying about the weather.

In summary, waterproof Ariat work boots offer several benefits such as protection from water, durability, comfort, and extended life of the boots. They are ideal for workers who work in wet or humid conditions, such as in construction, agriculture, and mining. By following the methods mentioned above, you can make your Ariat work boots waterproof and enjoy the benefits they offer.

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