Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Boot Expert Review – Men’s [2021]

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i'm tom from cotswold outdoor harrogate and today i'd like to talk about the salomon men's x-ultra iv mid gore-tex the x-ultra 4 mid gore-tex has been fully updated and revised in its latest iteration with an updated contact grip outsole as well as the active support fit lacing system the x ultra mid is a really comfortable shoe and for those wet days it still has the gore-tex membrane to keep your feet dry one of the best features about the x ultra 4 mid gore-tex it comes in a wide fit as well as a regular it would be it would be more professional if i could have like had it float up like like keep my core engaged and just be like the men's ex-ultra mid gore-tex is a great mid-height boot for those days when you don't need the full support of a full height boot and you want to get away with a light and fast adventure the human foot will sweat something crazy like 300 ml of moisture just in a few hours of trekking that moisture's got to go somewhere it will sweat because you've got a solid membrane on top of it so the best thing you can do is have quality socks quality socks will do three things they will move moisture away from the skin so at the end of the day you peel off the sock and it is full of your sweat but what you haven't done is got macerated skin and then leading on to blisters which you would get wearing like normal cotton socks or something that can't wick the moisture away can't move it away from the surface of the skin it also lofts in the right places and compresses in the right places so that it will give you a nicer fit and much more comfortable and of course the other thing it does is give you cushioning that's really really important because you're not necessarily going to get that from the or enough of that from the boot and that's why you've got padded zones within good quality socks as well so if you want to improve the breathability you need to buy better socks on the day you buy it it is completely waterproof it's about how you treat it and something like that something that's got mesh which you wear it on a honking day it's not the water that's going to kill it it's all the dirt particles that get washed in with it because then those dirt particles grate against the gorgeous membrane and then that wears a hole in it and it's no longer waterproof and that's why you need to really look after lightweight models and i say look after in terms of using the knick wax fabric like cleaning gel in terms of using let me grab let me grab it let me grab it the nik wax cleaning gel with a green top using something like uh the proofer by knick wax as well there are lots of different types available with a purple top this has got leather on it so this is perfectly fine to use the waterproofing wax for leather model uh yeah so it's really important to look after them and of course part looking after them is not like absolutely smashing them regardless of the weather because if you do take them out on honking days and you do get lots of dirt like in between those layers of mesh then obviously it's going to prematurely wear the mesh out but then also the vortex lining so if you're looking for a companion for a lightweight adventure look no further than the x ultra mid gore-tex thanks very much for watching today don't forget to hit that like button and smash that subscribe [Music] button you

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