“Conquer Any Job with Timberland PRO Switchback LT”

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The Timberland PRO Switchback LT is a product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number that refers to a specific model of work boots. The boots are designed for durability and comfort in harsh working conditions, such as construction sites or outdoor environments. They are made with premium waterproof leather, a slip-resistant outsole, and a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. The boots also feature an antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor and bacteria buildup. The Switchback LT model is part of the Timberland PRO line, which focuses on creating workwear that can withstand tough environments without sacrificing comfort or style.


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  1. According to the description on Zappos this has Composite Safety Toe although in the video it’s described as soft toe. Which one is correct?

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