7 Things I HATE About Clarks, Finally Fixed – (CUT IN HALF)

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i don't really like Clarks but i think i found a 
version that i might like so let's cut it in half   and compare it to the other Clarks and see if it's 
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sign up for that email list and let's get back   to Clarks so i did cut these Clarks in half this 
is just the desert booth original one last year   and since this is the chukka boot series i feel 
like we had to do a Clarks of some kind i didn't   want to just rehash this video and re-cut this 
in half and recite that information over again   but i did see seven things i didn't like about 
these original desert boots that this boot might   fix so this is going to be a pretty quick video 
just cutting this one in half and comparing them   and seeing if this boot fixes the seven things i 
hate about Clarks so what are those seven things   the first one is Clarks are notorious for their 
outsoles chunking off and falling apart just   because this is crepe rubber the second thing is 
there's no shank in here so you don't have any   support you get that really high pressure point 
right at where that heel ends the lasting board   is just a really cheap fiber board the foam heel 
pad is really thick and it takes a long time to   wear in and by the time it's worn in it might as 
well not be there so you get like a weird ridge   there that lines up with the edge of the heel i 
don't like this sock liner or this insole doesn't   go all the way through the front of the foot you 
also get a ton of heel slipping Clarks at least   for me except like little lady ankles and so with 
two eyelets it doesn't really cinch down around   my my ankle how it should so these things just 
kind of my foot floats around them and i get a   lot of heel slip and the last thing is i think 
you are paying a little bit extra just for that   Clarks name i think they rely on their name a fair 
amount kind of like Birkenstocks do so now let's   go over the boot information and get an idea of 
what makes this boot different so the brand is   obviously Clarks the style is a desert coal i got 
the blue suede but it comes in three other options   they weigh one pound five ounces they retail for 
160 dollars which is 10 more than the regular ones   and they're made in Vietnam now let's go over the 
information we can gather about these boots before   we cut them in half so starting with the leather 
this is a suede leather we talked about suede in   the Thursday video so go check that out if you 
don't know what the difference between suede   and rough out is but this is a CF stead suede so 
CF stead is probably the the best and well-known   suede makers in the world they're based out of 
England and this leather is 2.2 millimeters thick   and it's kind of an interesting leather because 
on the inside it's a finished flesh leather so it   almost looks like it has that lining and it acts 
as a line so you don't get the little fuzzies in   your socks it's a really unique way of fixing 
that problem and like i said there's no lining   in this boot which is part of what i love about 
Clarks and chukka boots is is how simple they are   it's almost like you're wearing a pair of leather 
socks around all day and i love how simple it is   and speaking of simplicity the construction of 
this boot is stitched down just like the other   chuckle boots we've reviewed it's a really 
simple easy and fast construction style that's   fairly easy to resole then to the inside we got 
that insole and this one feels like it goes all   the way to the forefront of the foot so that's 
already one thing that i hate about Clarks on   this boot fixes in particular and then to the 
midsole so it looks like it's just one two three   four layers of crepe all the way through the 
midsole and outsole and then as for what's on   the inside i think i literally think it's just 
all crepe all the way through which is kind of   cool because you get a lot of squish it just might 
not have as much support as a more sturdy outsole   because this is like an inch and a half of crepe 
and then other than that we don't really know what   else is on the inside i think it's just crepe 
all the way through but let's cut it in half   get a clean cross-section compare the two and see 
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video check their links out in the description so all right got it cut in half and that 
was surprisingly fun to cut in half   so much crepe but let's see what's inside i did not expect to see this white wedge of foam 
on the inside that really really surprised me i   thought for sure it would just crepe all the way 
through i look how much foam there is in there   and i don't really know what the purpose of it 
is i think it might be to reduce weight reduce   cost and maybe add some stability to this shoe 
because with the inch and a half of just crepe i   feel like maybe it's a little sloppy and a little 
unsupportive maybe the foam helps with that maybe   it compresses i don't really know i didn't i did 
not expect to see foam on the inside of here so   now let's go through this layer by layer and see 
if this boot fixes the seven problems i saw so   starting with the outsole so this is a wedge 
outsole so you don't have quite as many edges   to break off and chunk i still think it has a 
tendency to break and chunk and split but i just   don't think it's quite as much so it kind of fixed 
that issue then moving to the shank still no shank   but it doesn't need it because it's a wedge so 
that one's fixed then to the lasting board the   exact same lasting board i don't like the lasting 
but like a lot of the materials are pretty premium   like you've got a leather board heel counter 
but for some reason they don't put a leather   a lasting board so that one is not fixed then 
to the foam pads so if you look at this one   it's quite a bit smaller than the original 
desert boot which i like because i hated   how how much of a high pressure point this one had 
so that one is fixed then to the heel slip so this   one has three eyelets it doesn't it doesn't cinch 
down that much tighter but it definitely does hug   my little lady ankles a little bit better than the 
original ones so that one for me is at least fixed   to some degree and then finally to the the price 
i still think you're paying a little bit for that   Clarks name but i'm okay with that because i kind 
of like the brand name stuff i like having the the   well-known silhouette the well-known brand i can't 
help it even though i have this channel dissecting   boots i still am a sucker for the name brand so 
i don't think it's a huge deal i think you are   paying for the name but it's not three it's not 
like the common projects where it was three times   the price it should have been i think it's only 
like a 20 or 30 difference so i think this boot   is pretty killer you know i still i don't love 
Clarks it's a little bit chunky and it's it's   just a little bit weird but for Clarks this 
new version to me is significantly better than   the old version and as for how this ranks 
on our radar graph i'll put it right here   and here are the other ones we've done so far just 
for reference and let me know what you guys think   if you've owned a pair of these whether it's 
the wedge version or the classic desert boots   so thank you guys for everything you do 
and we'll see in the next video see ya you

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