Scarpa Mens Mescalito Mid Gore-Tex Boot Expert Review – Men’s [2021]

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so i just wanted to talk about a couple of items that i've got with me today if you're a hill walker a scrambler a climber items in the wardrobe that are just versatile and you can use for lots of activities uh what i love about the mescalito mid is the climbing zone so you can get really really good edges and because it's a stiffer shoe as well it's very very supportive for smaller edges and holds very nice beautiful boots another reason i love these boots is the lacing that goes all the way down to the bottom so you can really tailor the fit it's quite a stiff shoe so you get a lot of a lot of support when you're using edges or just getting your toe onto little tiny holes and pockets but because it is got it is stiff and it's got sort of a progressive flex to it then it offers you a lot of support on very small holds so it just gives you a level of climbing ability that i definitely don't have in normal hiking boots nice look at that beautiful [Music] i've owned a pair of mescalitos for i think about six months now and i've used them a lot i've only just got them escalato mids because i was rather than going scrambling in wales i was doing more stuff with longer approaches so these have got a proper ankle cuff and eyelets going up higher and i've really appreciated the support around like more rocky environments particularly when it's quite easy to bash your ankles it gives you a lot of support and i really do love this i've never had an approach shoe that's so comfy for the walk in and walk out and helps uh helps me with my climbing uh grade as well so one last thing on the mescalito mid gore-tex is by scarfa which i am funnily enough in love with like i said i have my mescaleos the lows for a very long time and i absolutely love them they're currently being modeled by the cameraman but i've gone for the mids now and i love them even more one i've just had to do a foot jam and what i really appreciated about it was the fact that you get a run a proper proper protective rubber run that goes all over the top you can see how scuff these are and it really protects the suede what you've got to be careful of with a technical approach shoes where the lacing goes all the way down to the bottom is that it's protected around here and this suede is it's super tough it really is tough like i said i've just foot jammed and all of the pressure went onto the rand so the the suede's super tough and it's looking great i really am in love with these boots i'm glad i'm glad they're mine i don't have to give them back so i'm just going to bang another piece of protection in uh we don't really need to dan but if you just want to hold up there it's going i've got a good place for a cam nice right there okay i'm moving on [Music] [Music] so we're at the uh the beginning of what's considered the crux of the climb um coverage is probably the most famous scramble out in glencoe outside of anakiga across the road hopefully we'll get some views to that when we get up to the top what i'm going to do now is just drop a couple of coils so we've got enough rope and then i'll pitch this and set up a belay to bring you up once again like you're a great climber dan but it's just to be on the safe side [Music] yeah it's quite dry it's quite bright you see the the lugs on the front half sort of slope downwards to give you a more grip when you are on mixed terrain like grassy slopes and things the kind of things that traditionally technical approaches aren't that good on at the back the lugs are ever so slightly deeper and also they're tapered out so they give you a grip downhill and they're well spaced as well so that mud doesn't get clogged up and it can release and sort of self-clean as it were they're really good for that as you can tell i've been doing a lot of climbing with these over the last couple of weeks and i keep on uh wiping my feet dry to make sure that the climbing zone is dry as possible which is partly one of my trousers [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] you

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