Are Brunt Boots Just Hype and Marketing? (CUT IN HALF) Brunt Boot Review

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today we're going to cut in half the brunt work 
boot because if you're like me you get ads for   these things non-stop all day every day and I'm 
also going to try to rip one apart to see how well   they're actually built and see if that saying that 
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the brand is brunt the style is the Marin unlined   the color is they don't really have a color on 
their website so we're just calling it brown   they weigh one pound eight ounces they retail for 
135 dollars and they're made in china now let's go   over the information we can gather about this boot 
before we cut it in half and before i try to rip   this apart starting with the upper so this is a 
full grain chrome tanned leather and it's actually   a pretty decent leather for the price point it's 
just a little bit on the thin side it's it's right   at two millimeters thick and to put that in 
perspective the dander mock toes are that same   thickness and it actually is very similar leather 
the red wings are up to that 2.5 millimeters thick   same with the Carolinas and and the thorough 
goods in that same price range and then   when you get to the handmade boots like whites and 
Nicks that's where you get the three millimeter up   to 3.5 millimeter thick leather so the brunt 
leather it's it's going to be easier to break   in it's just not going to be quite as durable 
especially compared to the heavier duty work boots   next to the lining so there's really no lining 
in this boot except for in the vamp and it's   just some sort of fabric we'll look closer and get 
it cut in half but the thing that really stuck out   to me once we started looking inside the boot is 
the lack of quality control and the craftsmanship   in this boot you know there's a little piece 
of fabric that's just flopping around and   after looking at all the different materials 
I don't even think it's a material used in   the boot so I don't know if it's just a scrap of 
leather that got accidentally sewn into the boot   but it's definitely not intentional and and the 
sewing and the trimming is just a little sloppy   do i think it's going to affect the durability of 
the boot no it's just not a great sign of a really   well crafted boot if they've got a bunch of random 
pieces of scrap material hanging out next to the   construction of this boot and on brunt's website 
they do a really good job of showing how the shoes   or the boots built and what's on the inside 
not photos but it's just kind of a graphic   and in that graphic it shows that this is a 
cemented construction which is strange because   you can see there's a welt on here see that 
stitching so I'm not sure if it's a fake welt   or if they just didn't put in there that it's 
goodyear welt so we'll see when we get it cut   in half but I hate fake welts and I hate yeah so 
we'll see we get a cut in half next to the insole   so this is an interesting one because this boot 
comes with two insoles so that you can adjust the   amount of squish and the tightness of the boot and 
I actually really like that I think it's kind of a   cool little thing I don't know how I'd feel about 
layering up both of these because it seemed like   there'd be a lot of slip and movement but I don't 
actually know because I haven't worn these enough   to have an informed decision but the nice thing 
is they're removable and you can swap in whatever   you want and they're not they're not that cheap 
of insoles you know for this price point they're   decent insoles I'm actually stealing these ones 
for a pair of boots for me because they're so thin   next to the midsole so usually wedge sole boots 
like these red wings or the Carolinas we did   last time it's just one big slab of the outsole 
material whether it's the rubber or the PU these   boots and the Brunts they have a two-part outsole 
where you've got a softer foam midsole and then a   harder grippier rubber outsole the softer midsole 
is nice because it gives you a little bit more   squish a little more impact resistance but the 
problem is with this little rubber skin as I call   it on the bottom here it can easily delaminate 
and start falling apart especially near the toe   but the nice thing that brunt did was they stopped 
that double layer near the toe and just went full   rubber there to hopefully prevent that and to give 
some more durability but the problem is if this   isn't a goodyear welted boot and it's just glued 
together right there there's no stitching anywhere   then it didn't really fix the problem because 
it could just as easily delaminate between that   welt and the outsole so we'll see 
when we actually get it cut in half   and that's what we've got to 
do next so let's cut it in half so all right we got it cut in 
half let's see what's inside so it really is just a fully cemented construction 
and this welt is is fake it's not a goodyear welt   which they haven't advertised I haven't seen 
anywhere that they've claimed it's good you're   welted or anything so I'm not really faulting 
them for that but it's kind of up to you to   decide if it's if they're trying to make it look 
like a higher quality boot by having a fake welt   or are they just trying to get the look and the 
style of the boot to a certain point I personally   don't like the fake welts on cemented boots 
because instead of having this outsole go up to   this the side wall the boot a little bit to give 
it a little bit more area of contact for the glue   it stops prematurely and you only have a certain 
amount of contact so that's why we're going to   try to rip this thing in half because I don't I 
don't know how strong it actually is and as for   the things that we didn't identify before cutting 
it in half we've got that thin layer of foam   and underneath you've got the the fiber board 
lasting board you've got a synthetic counter cover   and then a pretty cheap counter material it's one 
of these counters that's pretty fragile it's just   reinforced some sort of plastic infused fabric 
or something it's it and speaking of fragile   let's see if we can rip one of these apart oh 
this is surprisingly oh there's a hard spot so after a little bit of 
struggling I was pretty easy   it was pretty easy to pull the heel 
off but then I got right to where the   vamp is tucked underneath and it's glued really 
well right there I think it's only fair to try   to rip the full boot in half but I need to 
take my coat off first let's give it a try yup oh I feel like it's about to go oh I gotta stand up a little bit oh and maybe not oh did you hear my shoulder pop yeah I don't think that's gonna go so pleasantly 
surprised that I couldn't rip this apart but also   this one came apart pretty easily but obviously 
it's a boot cut in half so pros of this boot   it's really affordable it's decent leather I love 
these little speed hooks that also work as eyelets   and they come with a 30 day trial so if you could 
get a pair and they do fall apart at least you   have 30 days to figure it out so cons obviously 
the the cemented construction isn't quite as   strong as a goodyear welt and actually to just 
see if we can prove that point put my point to   the test let me see if i can rip this is the 
Carolinas that actually is good you're welted yeah let me try to rip this apart it's not YouTube 
magic I'm actually trying to rip this because the   problem is you gotta you've gotta tear apart 
stitching and the tensile strength tensile   strength of thread is significantly more than 
just a layer of leather I'm already out of breath   but yeah I'm like trying just as hard on this and 
it's all that stitching holding it together so   that's why I lean towards wanting a work boot 
to have a goodyear welt because it's so much   harder to to get those to break down other cons 
it's a little bit thinner leather and the sloppy   craftsmanship just it is a cheaper boot but you 
know you want to see some decent craftsmanship   you don't want random pieces of random fabric just 
showing up on the inside of your boot so overall   what do I think of the Brunts and this is kind of 
how I'm going to determine the value I'm still out   of breath so if we compare it to a boot that's a 
little bit cheaper that like in the rock roosters   for 30 dollars less you get a leather well it's 
that is actually good you're welted and it still   has a dual density outsole and it to me the the 
rock roosters may be just a little bit higher   quality for less money but if we compare it to the 
Harley boot on the other hand the Harley boot's a   little bit more money and that's significantly 
worse quality than the Brunts and then if we   compare it to a third boot that fixes all the 
problems in the brunt how much is that boot going   to run you well the Carolinas are 60 dollars more 
but it fixes all the problems it's good you're   welted it's gonna last it's got a better outsole 
and it's not made in china and it's made in the   united states which which a lot of people that 
want a work boot care a lot about that so looking   at those three boots and comparing it to the brunt 
I would say that they're not bad boots but they're   also not good boots either I think it's a it's a 
fairly cheap boot that's at a fairly cheap price   and if it were me I would just spend the extra 
money to buy a boot that I know I can rely on   that's dependable that doesn't have nearly as much 
chance of failure because this is me ripping apart   a brand new boot imagine after a few weeks of wear 
and lots of time on hot concrete and hot uh roofs   roofing it's just a lot higher chance of failure 
so is brunt saying of great boots no bs true   not really in my opinion they're just okay boots 
with some bs in them if we're being honest so   let me know what you guys think don't forget to 
pick up moctober t they're only a certain amount   in stock that will ship next day and thank you 
guys for watching and my arms are so tired I'm   already drenched in sweat from trying to rip 
all these boots apart so thank you guys see ya

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