Keen Gypsum II Mid Men’s Boot

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Hi! My name's Lisa and I work in the
Travel Department here at Snowy's Outdoors. Today we're going to be looking
at our best-selling men's and ladies footwear. One of our biggest selling
boots here for men at Snowys is the Keen Gypsum 2 Mid. The reason we sell so many of them, is it suits a wider foot. It's not just wide across the boot
but right down to the toe area. It's a nubuck leather with a synthetic
mesh going through the centre of the boot. Very lightweight, a very hardy boot.
It's completely waterproof, Keen use their own Keen Dry membrane with this
particular model and its really great for day hikes, bushwalking, we sell a lot
of this one to people doing Kokoda, even though it's a mid boot, it gives you a
lot of freedom of movement still, even though it's supporting the ankle. With
this type of boot we would recommend either an all synthetic sock or a wool
blend sock.

They wick moisture from your feet so your feet don't feel damp and
sweaty at the end of the day. They're also very fast drying as well. So to
check out this boot, head on to our website, which is and you'll see our full range of boots at our everyday low prices. So, we'll see you next time..

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