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Red Wing Shoes is a chain retailer offering handcrafted leather boots for work and leisure. It also produces footwear under Irish Setter Boots, Vasque, Carhartt (discontinued 2011) and Worx brands.

Red Wing boots were born out of necessity in 1905 when Charles Beckman, a merchant in Red Wing, Minnesota, saw an opportunity to create durable and comfortable shoes tailored for workers across various industries. These shoes would become known as Red Wing Boots.

The Story of Red Wing Boots

Established in 1905 with the promise of America, Red Wing Shoes has been serving its customers' needs for over a century. From its beginning, this company was dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

Charles Beckman and 14 other local business investors founded Red Wing Shoe Company to meet a need for purpose-built footwear tailored for emerging industries, such as blacksmithing, mining, farming, logging and railroading. This set Red Wing apart from its competition and continues to be our guiding principle today.

Manufacturing Innovation: Welting, or stitched-sole construction, is introduced. This creates a stronger bond between the shoe upper and sole that offers improved fit and comfort.

Safety Footwear: Red Wing introduces its steel toe occupational footwear line, becoming the leading name in heavy industrial footwear.

In the 1930s, an innovative boot called “Oil King” was released to meet demand in the oil field – quickly becoming a must-have item for workers there.

Made in the USA

A legitimate Made in USA label conveys patriotism, an assurance of quality and implicit job security for American workers. Furthermore, it keeps money within the economy so it can support local needs rather than being sent overseas.

The FTC's enforcement policy on “Made in the USA” claims requires that such labeling be entirely or virtually all made within America. They define this as a product with no significant foreign content in its final assembly or processing, and where all ingredients or components are sourced within America.

Additionally, the Commission has a long history of enforcement actions based on this standard, including numerous closing letters to companies whose claims were found misleading or deceptive. These cases typically involve products which have previously sparked consumer perception testing suggesting they weren't made in the United States.

Traction Tred

These boots set themselves apart with their patented polyurethane outsole and space air mesh liner, both of which feature improved airflow within the shoe and around-the-foot comfort.

It's worth highlighting the iconic traction treated leather upper, which provides superior stability and all-day wear for various medium-duty applications. The 6 inch Saddle Voyageur Nubuck leather upper extends high up the calf for added support, and a suede leather collar offers added comfort. Plus, this traction treated leather has earned top scores for durability in terms of wear-and-tear testing with its superior water and stain resistance. If you're searching for the ideal fit and durable boots in Lexington, stop by your nearest Modern Shoe Shop & Repair to try on some Red Wing Boots. We promise you won't be disappointed; one of our expert staff members will be more than happy to assist! The most important aspect of any quality pair of shoes is fit; that's why our team takes so much effort into making sure each customer leaves with exactly what they ordered.

Custom Fit

Red Wing boots are designed with a shoe last in mind, meaning they fit tightly around your foot for an optimized fit with every wear. Crafted with full grain leather uppers, leather footboards and cork midsoles, Red Wing Heritage boots mold to your feet as you take steps, providing increased comfort with each step you take.

When you come in to shop for your next pair of work boots, our Ultimate Fit Specialists will greet you. They'll guide you through a 3-D scan and stride analysis to guarantee the ideal fit for your unique feet.

If you need a boot that can withstand harsh weather conditions, look no further than our selection of USA-made insulated boots. Firefighters and construction workers will love the Thorogood Moc Toe boot. Conversely, Nicks boots offer style, toughness and affordability at an affordable price point – reviewers rave about them from firefighters to motorcyclists to urban hipsters alike!

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