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Red Wing is an iconic American brand renowned for its rugged work shoes and boots. Established in 1905 by Charles Beckman, this family-run business continues to innovate today.

Red Wing offers a wide selection of women's footwear, including work, dress and hiking boots as well as casual options. Additionally, their Irish Setter and Vasque lines produce hunting and sports footwear for customers worldwide.

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Established in 1905 by Charles Beckman, Red Wing Shoes remain a staple of their Minnesota factory today. Their Heritage line of footwear and leather goods boasts an array of high-end products.

These boots boast superior leather and craftsmanship, thanks to a partnership between SB Foot and the company in 1905 that provided only top-tier tanned leather for their boots and shoes.

What truly distinguishes Red Wing boots is their handcrafted construction in Minnesota, taking 230 individual steps to complete. Plus, the brand uses a patented Puritan triple stitching machine for extra special finishing touches on each shoe.

The Blacksmith is one of Red Wing's iconic work boots and it offers outstanding durability. With its 270 degree Goodyear welt, 360 degree gusset and Puritan triple stitch construction, you can be certain this boot will last you a lifetime!

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Red Wing boots have become iconic icons of heritage footwear since Charles Beckman founded them in 1905. Initially created for hard work in mining and logging industries, these boots have since become staples of men's wardrobes around the globe.

Red Wing shoes and boots are meticulously handcrafted in Minnesota using 230 individual steps, creating each pair with care.

Heritage shoes and boots are renowned for their traditional stitch-down stitch and Goodyear welt construction, giving them a classic American workwear aesthetic while providing sleeker, more attractive durability that's suitable for everyday wear.

The iconic moc toe boot from Red Wing Heritage is one of the most sought-after styles. They boast an American heritage look and wide toe box, perfect for those with wider feet.

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Red Wing shoes have long been known for producing strong and reliable footwear that can withstand tough tasks. This year, they're honoring their legacy of supporting trade workers in America by not selling any products on Labor Day.

On Red Wing's website, we get to see their cobblers creating patterns and cutting leather. Plus, they even steam the boots for extra durability!

The Classic Work boot offers superior slip resistance for heavy-duty applications like high steel work that require superior stability and underfoot feel. Its welt construction and iconic flat-bottomed sole with shallow lugs won't pick up mud, while its waterproof Red Wing leather upper with triple stitching provides exceptional durability.

The boot also boasts electrical hazard protection, a non-metallic safety toe and the BOA(r) Fit System for customizing fit. Its innovative last maintains comfort as your foot expands, while VersaTrax outsole provides top slip, oil/gas and chemical resistance.

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Established in 1905, Red Wing has been at the forefront of work wear footwear design for over a century. Their shoes are known to be comfortable and durable, with premium craftsmanship to match. And their signature asymmetrical designs and modern takes on classic styles are just some of their many signature touches. With an extensive range of boots in all colors and materials available, you're sure to find something that meets your needs perfectly.

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