Red Wing Vs Thorogood

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red wing boots vs thorogood

Two of America's most beloved boot brands compete for supremacy: Red Wing and Thorogood both produce high quality work boots.

Both brands utilize golden oil tanned leather and white wedge soles, along with cork midsoles and triple stitching for durability.


Red Wing and Thorogood each offer their own distinct styles, yet both companies produce some of the highest-quality work boots on the market. This is due to each company having their own tanneries that allow them to control the type of leather used.

Furthermore, they guarantee the boots are produced within their own factories, guaranteeing that those manufacturing the shoes are union members.

Thus, you can rest assured that your boots will provide years of reliable performance.

Comfort-wise, both brands are comparable; Red Wing may require more break-in than Thorogood but after several weeks you'll find that both brands provide great support and comfort.


Red Wing boots are built to last, and with proper care will keep your feet secure. Plus, their durable rubber sole can withstand tough environments while providing superior traction.

These boots feature premium leather uppers from S.B. Foot Tanning Company, owned by the company. This gives them complete control over the quality of their leather, guaranteeing your boots will last a long time.

The Thorogood American Heritage 6” heritage boot is an ideal choice for anyone seeking safety, comfort and an eye-catching style. This shoe boasts all of the features you would expect from a quality work boot, such as tobacco oil-tanned leather and a comfortable inner sole and footbed.

Thorogood offers a similar selection of styles and sizes as Red Wing, with several options tailored specifically for women. Their boots are union-made in the USA at about $40-60 less per pair than their Red Wing counterparts.


Red Wing and Thorogood are two iconic American heritage brands with long histories. Both classic moc-toe boots boast plenty of style, made with quality leather, resoleable Goodyear welts, and grippier wedge soles.

Red Wing produces their leathers at their own tannery near their factory, while Thorogood sources from an outside tannery. This distinction plays a significant role in their pricing strategy as it allows them to offer lower prices without compromising quality.

Thorogood shoes feature a storm welt which is much more water resistant than the standard Goodyear welt, helping keep the sole from wearing down too quickly.

Finally, Red Wing boots lack a shank so they aren't quite as supportive as Thorogood boots, but they still provide arch support. If you need something for work purposes, Red Wing is hands down the clear winner; however, if casual and refined is more your style then Thorogood has more to offer.


Red Wing and Thorogood are two of the premier brands for classic 6-inch Moc Toe boots. Each has a long history, producing some of the finest welted boots available today.

Both companies offer a selection of leathers that look nearly identical, such as Crazy Horse (which compares to Copper Rough and Tough 1907) and Black Walnut (8138 Briar Oil Slick). However, Red Wing sources their own leather internally which allows them to maintain an impressive level of quality control.

Red Wing and Thorogood both utilize leather in their insoles and vamps, offering top-notch protection and comfort. However, Thorogood's cotton fabric lining doesn't last as long as Red Wing's leather does.

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