Steel Blue – The Worlds Most Comfortable Work Boot?!

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dave koch with steel blue footwear um been with 
the company now for a little over two years   and uh wanted to be part of the organization 
that built the world's most comfortable boots steel blue was created in australia 25 years ago 
five guys that wanted to make the world's most   comfortable boot because steel tow boots for the 
longest time had not been comfortable and it was   typically the steel in the boot that made them 
uncomfortable so the first thing they did when   they started the company was they made the toe 
box wider and they also made it taller the second   thing is and you'll notice when you look at all 
of our styles of boots that uh from the insole to   the outsole every boot is this is built the same 
this insert is called our ortho rebound insert   and it does have technology um built into 
it you'll see that it has ridges that are   deeper in the back than they are in the front so 
that when the customer pushes down the air flows   through those channels to the front of the boot 
and then when the pressure goes the other way   it returns to the back so there's constant airflow 
in the uh inside the boot most brands when you   take this insert out the comfort goes away with 
steel blue actually the comfort is additive   we've we've got a couple of other features 
we're the first company to ever use a product   called poron and poron is this green plug it's 
a memory foam that's designed not to break down   over time like most memory foams do so the 
comfort that the customer has from day one   is the same comfort they're going to have for 
the life of the boot whether it's a year two   years depends on how they wear their boots but 
that plug goes all the way through and we have   it in two main pressure points one in the back 
and then also underneath in the front and then   we also have a composite shank that is designed 
to help support in the arch area for our boots   the midsole is polyurethane and is direct injected 
it's a polyurethane injected in the the mold and   to fill in all the space between the leather 
upper and the thermoplastic urethane outsole and   what happens in that process is this material 
this polyurethane is injected from the back   fills in the space between this and the leather 
upper for all of our boots and it creates a   chemical bond that bonds everything together 
so you do not use it's not a glue process no   adhesives no heat to hold it it's designed to last 
for the life of the boot there there you have the   the trisol comfort technology that that steel blue 
created to make the world's most comfortable you

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